Arquitectura dispersa (Dispersed Architecture) is the title of the book published in November 2007 within the collection Inventaris d’Arquitectura (Archictecture Inventories) commissioned by the publications section of the Catalonian College of Architects, aiming to show the main aspects of my career.

A career that, derived from my way of being in the world, has not always succeeded in recognizing in a clear way the stages and criteria for membership in a particular activity. In short, a career practised with a vague and critic non-membership which has make it hard to find shelter under recognizable and established roofs and, consequently developed often in the open.

So, what can you expect from a non-membership in the open?

In fact, the answer is the book itself. It collects as an inventory and biography, a series of productions and reflections generated from the interference of three basic dispersions which structure and also unstructure systematically all my activities: an existential dispersion, a disciplinary dispersion and a methodological or instrumental dispersion.

All in all, I like understanding my project activities under the name of Dispersed Architecture: A name that belongs to the herbs of the field and the furies of the air, filling the hands of those who sow and scatter while they plot and call the plurals of all kinds.

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